Naftosense Leak Detection Products

Naftosense Products

Leak Detection Cables

Naftosense has several models of high-performance passive hydrocarbon detector designed specifically for detecting the unwanted presence of a wide range of liquid hydrocarbons. With both multiplexed sensor cable and fixed length factory finished cables Naftosense provides quick reaction to light and heavy hydrocarbons in vertical applications. Safe to use in extreme outdoor environmental conditions around tanks, vessels, pipelines, process equipment, skids, fueling depots, generators, and more.
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Point Sensors

Naftosense hydrocarbon on water point sensors are fully encapsulated, high-performance, sensing probes designed for detecting leaks of refined products or crude in vertical installations. Rated for extreme environmental conditions, rated for permanent submersion in water and capable of detecting as little as 1 oz. of hydrocarbons floating on water surfaces.
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Control and Monitoring Devices

Control Panels and Monitoring devices supervise the Naftosense leak detection system and communicate the presence of unwanted hydrocarbons in a fast, reliable, and precise manner. Naftosense products are designed for the harshest environments and can be found in a variety of settings, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Tank farms, underground storage tanks, pipelines, transfer lines, process units, and airports are examples of installations.
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Leak Detection Accessories

Products required for installation and connection of sensor cables, alarms modules, and monitors including UV resistant jumper cables, connectors, terminations, and mounting hardware.
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