Naftosense Leak Detection Solutions

Why the Need for Naftosense Leak Detection Products?

Fires, explosions, and environmental pollution are the three possible risks associated with hydrocarbon spills in the oil and gas sector. All of these things have the potential to cause permanent harm to people, companies, and the environment. Also, the regulatory environment in the industry is becoming more stringent. Early detection and precise oil leak location help customers respond quickly, avoiding environmental damage and safety hazards.

Prevent Oil Leaks

Leak Detection Technology

Naftosense designs and manufactures hydrocarbon leak detection systems based on addressable product sensor cables that detect the presence of hydrocarbons such as refined fuel, light / heavy crude oils, lubricants, dielectric oils, solvents, and petrochemical compounds.

The science behind Naftosense products is Polymer Absorption Sensor (PAS) technology (specifically in Naftosense products, Elastomer Absorption Sensors). Developed in the 1950s, PAS technology has a proven track record of detecting hydrocarbons in extreme conditions and enables real-time, cost-effective critical infrastructure integrity monitoring. Because of their seamless integration with existing infrastructure, Naftosense technology is deployed quickly and easily in almost any facility.

Naftosense Elastomer Absorption Sensor Technology Advantages

  • Self-powered, low voltage, intrinsically safe.
  • Complete leak detection device rated for use in extreme outdoor environments.
  • SIMPLE, Easy & Inexpensive to interface using Pt100 RTD communication protocol to interface with almost any wireless transmitter or existing monitoring infrastructure.
  • Very sensitive to liquid and gas hydrocarbon leaks at a wide range of temperatures( -40F to 176 F).
  • FAST Response to hydrocarbons.
  • ZERO false alarms.
  • Probes are easily detached and re-usable after detection.
  • Can be permanently submerged in water.
  • Self-Calibrating, self-resetting, multi-meter friendly troubleshooting. 

Common Industrial and OEM Applications

  • Monitoring of pipelines, valves, and pumps carrying hydrocarbons in power plants, chemical plants, pulp & paper mills, primary metals production, and food processing facilities.
  • Bulk storage facilities, tank farms.
  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Leak detection onboard ships, barges, and vessels.
  • Monitoring of diesel generators and associated tanks and pipe works.
  • Monitoring of Military and Scientific fuel depots in demanding environmental conditions.
  • Leak detection in commercial buildings, hospitals, data centers, etc.
  • Monitoring of oil-filled power transformers, lube oil storage tanks, etc.

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