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Leak Detection For Industrial
Process Applications
All Products Feature a 10-year Warranty

Sensors and Alarms for Unwanted
Hydrocarbons, Solvents, and Other Liquids
All Products Feature a 10-year Warranty

Configuring the Ultimate Solution for Every Customer
All Products Feature a 10-year Warranty

About Naftosense


With hundreds of deployments across North America, learn why we are the fastest growing brand of engineered leak detection systems on the continent.
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Leak Detection


Naftosense designs custom hydrocarbon leak detection systems for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.
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Naftosense products provide a complete leak detection system designed for extreme outdoor environments and backed by a 10-year warranty.
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Industries Served



Modern petrochemical facilities look for reliable process equipment that contribute to overall safety and efficiency. Naftosense has a rich history of rapid detection throughout the refining process.


Naftosense was created by exceeding pipeline companies demands for leak detection. Wireless communication, long life battery power, long term deployment in remote in arctic and tropical environments with no false alarms. There is no other product for remote detection with 10-year guaranteed reliability.
tank farms

Tank Farms

Greenfield new builds, existing, retro fit, or re-building tanks of all sizes, shapes, and construction methods are no problem for Naftosense. With sensors that will never detect water you can be confident your hydrocarbon will be rapidly detected before the minor leak becomes an incident.
power generation

Power Generation

America's largest power generation facilities utilize Naftosense leak detection. With staff reductions and increased demand for power monitoring critical equipment in person is challenging. We provide confident remote monitoring of transformer fluids, turbines, generators, and other critical equipment.
containment basin

Containment Basin / Oil on Water Detection

Many facilities are concerned with implications from releasing hydrocarbons into the environment via sumps and drains for containment basins. Naftosense makes point sensors that are ideal for these often-remote locations. Drain with confidence by deploying Naftosense.

Horizontal or Vertical Drilling / Micro-Drilling

Leaks around old pipeline line repairs, aging tanks, and racked piping are challenging areas to find small leaks before disaster strikes. Using Naftosense point sensors in small diameter slotted tubes is effective at detecting gasses and liquid hydrocarbon leaks.
pump skids

Pump Skids, Filter Skids, and Portable Process Equipment

Oil and gas industry uses portable process equipment skids for countless applications. Naftosense systems are easy to expand and add on different process areas with simple output to existing wireless networks. Why compromise safety even on temporary process platforms?
liquid natural gas processing plants

Liquid Natural Gas Processing Plants

In the LNG plants, during the liquification process, a lot of LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) is used to cool down the natural gas and bring it to liquid state. In case of leak, the LNG itself does not create a hazard as the Methane is lighter than air. However, if LPG (the refrigerant) is leaking, as these vapors are heavier than air, they accumulate at the surface and create significant safety risk.
generator and day tanks

Generator and Day Tanks

Naftosense is known for building a complete and reliable leak detection system around emergency generators, diesel days tanks, and related plumbing. Modern buildings are susceptible to significant property damage, loss of human life, or environmental pollution. Fuel leaks are detected in seconds with Naftosense leak detection systems.


Fueling terminals and bulk freighters rely on piping to safely move hydrocarbons over water. Even the smallest leak is in this environment has a significant impact. Naftosense has the greatest sensitivity and will react to gasses as well as little as 1 ML of liquid hydrocarbons. This is a primary reason Naftosense leak detection equipment is found on many ocean terminals.
waste water

Water and Wastewater

The accumulation of losses from tanks over time can result in major issues from even minor leaks. Impurities can get in, if water can get out. Such leaks are detected quickly with Naftosense leak detection systems.